Andy Matthews – TV Presenter/Writer/Author/Actor

Andy Matthews has been working in the media for over eighteen years and in that time has presented and appeared in various TV series.


His most recent series Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts (BBC1 N.I.) is moving into its third series this year. Written and presented by Andy, Greatest Haunts, produced by Coco Television was the first of its kind to be made in Ireland.

Other TV credits include UKTVs six-part series Ghost Detectives (2001), Live reporter for Ghost Watch LIVE from the Tower of London (BBC Worldwide 2001) C4s Secrets of the Psychics, Haunted Halloween LIVE (ITV) and the final three episodes of ITV2s Haunted Homes. 


His first book Andy Matthews Greatest Haunts published by Foulsham Publishing is available now.



Andy is an experienced paranormal researcher and psychic artist with over 12 years working in the field. He trained as a medium and practices the art of dowsing using divining rods, crystals and pendulums.


Andy lives in Bedfordshire and is married with three children.

  Production credits 2001 - 2010  

Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts series 2

4x30 (BBC Northern Ireland 2010)



Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts series 1

6x30 (BBC Northern Ireland 2008/9)


Broadcast; Jan/Feb 2009 / BBC1 Northern Ireland / Repeated BBC1 July – August 09

Produced by Coco Television and directed by David Starkey


Andy Matthews Greatest Haunts


Published by Foulsham & Co Ltd 2009

Released October 30th 2009


Haunted Homes 2 

3x45 (ITV2 2006)


Broadcast; January 2007 / ITV2

Produced by September Films


Scream Team 

1x45 (Living TV 2003)


Broadcast; 2003 / Living TV

Produced by Making Time Productions


An Evening of Clairvoyance (2004-7)




The Other 1% 

3x30 (BN1 Productions 2003/4)

Co-writer/assistant producer/presenter

DVD 2004


Haunted Halloween Live

1x45 (ITV1 2002)


Broadcast; October 2002/ITV1

Produced by Galaxy TV


Secrets of the Paranormal 

1x45 (Documentary/UK Horizons 2001)

Featured as parapsychologist

Broadcast; Feb 2002/UKTV

Produced by BBC Worldwide


Ghost watch LIVE from the Tower of London

1x60 (BBC Worldwide 2001)


Broadcast; October 31st 2001/UKTV

Produced by BBC Worldwide


The Ghost Detectives

(6x45 UK Horizons 2000)

Presenter/ parapsychologist

Broadcast; October/Nov 2001/UKTV

Produced by Lion Television


Secrets of the Psychics Revealed 

(1x45 Channel 5 2002)

Featured as parapsychologist

Broadcast; September 2003/C5

Produced by C5



(1x60 DVD 2002)


Released March 2003 by Quantum Leap


Ghost Team

(1x60 DVD 2002)


Released March 2005 by Blackhorse Entertainment


TV and Film

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Eyes Wide Shut

James Bond; Tomorrow Never Dies

Plotlands (BBC)

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein


Inspector Morse

The Bill




No Sex Please We’re British - playing Superintendant Vernon Paul (1994)

The Pyjama Game – playing Sid Sorokin (1993)

Oklahoma – playing Curly Watts (1992)



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BBC Radio 2 – Going out with Alan Carr
BBC Three Counties
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